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I was born in Alabama and grew up in Michigan. After moving to California I realized dreams and ambitions which put me on the path of a seeker. I found opportunities in a wide variety of work, much of it media related-broadcast, corporate, film, music, theater and event production as a technician. Along the way I produced, directed and distributed social issues documentaries on a variety of subjects. I developed my writing skills and was published in many media magazines. I met a fellow author and we co-wrote & co-published a book and I then wrote my second book. I've lived in ATLANTA since 2004.

To honor my ninth year (2012) here I made an announcement about a new labor I've started - 


I've also completed my third book REEL TALK: A Cinemoir and you can purchase that here: 



Co-founded a non-profit organization …realize your energy…  in 1977 for the opportunity of innovative, cul­tural, educational and career advancement for "people of color" and "working class individuals". We helped several dozen artists to realize their artistic ambitions as fiscal agent and artistic mentor/advisor.


Lectured and taught media related classes with a variety of institutions. The Black experience in film and broadcast with an emphasis on that rich history primarily.

I taught a class -

American Life: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, this is a course that chronicles the rich American tapestry through film screenings and discussion. For more information visit these pages:





I have completed a NEW BOOK, my fourth.


The book is available on AMAZON. 



It is a collaboration with a true Renaissance man

Mr. Edgar McLeod Baines.

The non-fiction Book is about -

the changing demographics in the workplace and its adverse affect/effect on men. In this book numerous areas of unjustified double standards have been uniquely identified.







BOOK 5 a work-in-progress is a non-fiction book  about - a contemporary contextualization of some idea’s from the Egyptian (Kemet) Heliopolitan Mystery School which was extant from 3500 B.C. - 1500 B.C. ("...those who tell don't know; those who know don't tell...") & time travel; EBE's; The Tarot; Dark matter; The Law of Consequences; multi-dimensionality.

The title as of today is -

On Becoming a Serious Social Being:

A Cosmic Philosophy for the New Millenium

Germane to my thesis is a quote from an author who is part of my research, Manly P. Hall (1901-1990). "...is there not an understanding which is superior to words - a silent language by which comprehension blends with comprehension, a transcendent mode by which the within which is you communes with the within which is I and we together commune with that within which is All?from Lectures on Ancient Philosophy (1929)


Book 6 a work-in-progress can best be summed up in its working title Cinema is art, movies are commerce. The outline right now includes the following topics – Shakespeare in cinema: a diverse perspective; Black diaspora arts: The intersection of cinema & music; American and International Cinema; Black author cinema; Documentary Cinema: not to be confused with “reality TV”.

 Quote from an author who is part of my research - 

“The image - its plastic composition and the way it is set in time, because it is founded on a much higher degree of realism-has at its disposal more means of manipulating reality and modifying it from with-in. The film-maker is no longer the competitor of the painter and the playwright, he is, the equal of the novelist.”   

What is cinema? Vol. 1 (1967) by Andre Bazin (1918-1958)  






My interests and abilities have over the years helped me to “…grow more dangerous as I grow older…” in the words of Tom Mann (1856–1941) a noted British trade unionist.


Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X (1925-1965)





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Films in REEL TALK: A Cinemoir


I can be contacted for Lectures about

media & cinema - historic, contemporary and foreign.


Contact Me:

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