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“I’ve been a client of the MUSE for HIRE for more than a year. I learned a considerable amount of computer literacy and additional internet skills.

We have gone to the High Museum together on more than one occasion those times and exhibits, the exposure, the scholarly discussions were a whole creative art piece that is invaluable.

My writing and compositional skills, research, resources, library of information in preparing a historical Mother’s Day Presentation and production we developed was very powerful.

There was great value in learning about cinema in his classes, books and discussions. I invested in two of his books and bought several books he released to students in the class have contributed in expanding my awareness of cinemas power especially as it relates to the Diaspora  and women's experience.

He recently helped me to complete a Book Review in a very personal, patient and professional way.”  

Sharon Ann Smith (SAS)


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 Spencer Moon is a Muse. He has a natural ability to listen to what your needs and dreams are. He has helped me put my thoughts in to order so that I can take action! He is my third eye my second ear and the first place I share my new ideas. When you need a fair un-judgmental opinion you need a Muse. You need Spencer Moon. 

Una Van Duvall, Song Diva, Wisconsin


Muse, mentor, serious social human being, fresh scribe, howler of truth, former Artist Conference Network member, teacher, author, and friend—Spencer Moon is all of these to me. 

As a two-dimensional visual artist, I began working with Spencer to explore the world of making a film. I was surprised by his gentle ways of supporting my own creative endeavors. He had organized steps for me to follow to learn about animation. He provided me with names and sources of movies to watch digest and analyze. His other assignments brought me to the history of animation and ways of learning about the technical aspects of animation. Because he was sensitive to and understood the kind of imagery I use in my drawings and paintings, he connected me with films that fed my SOUL! 

Because of the other demands in my life—teaching, illustrating, and being the wife of a scientist—Spencer coached me about “compartmentalizing” my studies with him. Finding a time to do my film work, and then discuss the outcomes with him via SKYPE, phone, or in person. Certainly, I have a long ways to go to make my first film, but I am confident that Spencer and I will take it one inspirational step at a time.

In one email after discussing a writer about Jungian psychology with Spencer, I wrote to him these words and I mean everyone!: “You are blowing me away with the passionate width and breadth of your knowledge. You are a force of love and wisdom! Years spent learning and cultivating....I can't quite take you all in--you are that magnificent and something else that I don't have words for..."

Ruth Schowalter, visionary artist, blogger, and future animator-♥ SOUL BLOG with HALLELUJAH at


Real art is simple but simplicity requires the greatest art.”

F.W. Murnau (1888-1931), a filmmaker who directed feature films in Europe and migrated to Hollywood.




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