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Produced, directed & distributed independent productions

that are social issue documentaries on:

* Black female composer/performer strivin' for success - 7 min.


* public school bussing in San Francisco - 8 min.


* gang prevention program sponsored by

the Mayor of San Francisco - 9 min.


* cross cultural marriage & mixed heritage individuals - 14 min.


* Jesse Jackson presidential campaign of 1984 - 28 min.



** mental health issues in Michigan - 30 min. ( See Award Below)


* artists (in a variety of disciplines) and San Francisco County

jail inmates creating art with a California Arts Council grant - 55 min.



by the following:

* Bay Area Film & Video @ Oakland Museum

* 5th Conference of the National Alliance of Third World Journalists -

Film/Video Festival, Atlanta, GA

* Peralta College Cable TV, Alameda County, CA

* Viacom Cable Access, San Francisco, CA

* Cast Iron TV, New York City

* New American Makers Series, San Francisco, CA

* PBS, San Francisco, CA

& Purchased by

* San Francisco Public Library, Main Branch - Video & Deaf Services

* Rainbow Coalition, San Francisco, CA



Thirty years experience in all phases of media-Broadcast, Film, Corporate, Theater, Events as a Technician I was employed by - CBS; PBS; FOX; HPTV (Hewlett Packard); Nederlander Theaters. 

Member – IATSE/Local 16



Service Award; Media Award; Lifetime Member Award

These awards were received from the Bay Area Black Media Coalition.

Plus in competition 

** a Cine Gold Eagle for documentary

as Co-Founding Member of the Detroit Film Collective,

Producers of this award winning program - titled Readin' & Writin' Ain't Everything.



* Who’s Who in Entertainment  * Who’s Who in the West

* Who’s Who in America           * Who’s Who in the World


M.A. – film & television production, Columbia Pacific University

B.A. – filmmaking, minor in social sciences, Antioch University 



English Arabic Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Czech Danish Dutch French Georgian German Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Spanish
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Films in REEL TALK: A Cinemoir


I can be contacted for Lectures about

media & cinema - historic, contemporary and foreign.


Contact Me:

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(404) 799-7739

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